Visceral body fat, or in simpler terms “belly fat”, is one of the most difficult fats to lose once you have gained it, and is responsible for numerous health issues.  Once you have belly fat, it will lead to fat accumulating around the internal organs such as your liver, kidneys and heart.  Fat deposits around the liver will lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and fat deposits around the heart (epicardial fat) can alter heart function.

Carnitine is considered a natural fat burner as it is responsible for transporting fat (long-chain fatty acids to be precise) into our cells to be used and burned as energy by our body (for fuel during exercise).

By raising our muscular levels of carnitine through L-Carnitine supplementation, our body becomes more efficient at processing fat for fuel, and in-turn increasing our energy levels and decreasing our fat deposits (belly fat).  This is why L-Carnitine is an emerging supplement for the prevention of type-two diabetes.

An easy way to remember how carnitine works is by thinking it as the transport delivery system (UPS, Fedex etc) for fat to our muscles. The less carnitine you have in the body, the less fat is transported into the muscle cells, which means less fat is used / burned for energy.  Instead, these fats get stored in ‘fat deposits’ around the body (love handles, beer belly), as they did not have a “courier” to transport them into the cells to be used for energy. 

L-Carnitine supplementation tends to be 2g to 5g per day and should be consumed for more than 12 weeks for optimal results.



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Carniburn L-Carnitine Tartrate 100 x 500mg Capsules

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